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Pay Per Click

PPC management is a way to do online marketing on very less investment. PPC is an intelligent and flexible online marketing technique that companies around the world are using to get the visibility they need. In PPC management advertiser pay a fee each time when their ads clicked from any source. PPC service results are so worthy than you pay on clicked ads.


The best advantage of PPC advertising services that, you do not need to wait to increase the number of visitors and promotion and among the consumers. Pay per click services gives the instant result.


We, at Fascinate Web Solution make sure that we get you the required attention in the global market, with our streamlined PPC Services.

Businesses Need PPC

Finance & Insurance

Retailers & General Merchandise

Travel & Tourism

Jobs & Education

Home & Garden

Computers & Consumer Electronics

Vehicles & Transport

Internet & Telecom

Business & Industrial

Occasions & Gifts

Medical & Health Care

Lawsuits & Legislation

How It Works?


Website Analysis

With an understanding of your brand’s objectives through website analysis, our experts are able to deliver effective PPC strategy

Keywords Research

An exhaustive keywords research enables us to drive highly targeted traffic to your business

Account Setup

To retain high relevancy and search engine optimization, we maintain a consistent theme throughout campaigns, keywords, and ad groups

Campaign Launch

Automatic or manual scheduling of campaigns enables us to get your campaigns to run live at the precise time

Proactive Management

To ensure maximum returns on your investment, we consistently analyze campaign to improve upon the performance

Advanced Reporting

With a detailed report of total clicks, conversions, etc, you can gauge the effectiveness of your PPC campaign

Features & Benefits

PPC may be the fastest way to run an advertising campaign and get instant results.

Apparent measurable results related to PPC campaign from costs, pofits, views, clicks, visits and many more.

Provide low-risk testing for keywords & great capabilities for landing page A/B Testing.

Maximize the return on your marketing investment by managing costs, track conversions and determine your ROI.

Specific keywords and demographics can dramatically increase the quality of website traffic.

No dependencies on SEO or Google Algorithmic changes.

Schedule to run during the best sales periods and in specific geographic regions.

Reach the right audience based on a number of factors including keywords, location, website, device, time and date and much more.

Open your doors to local customers & PPC is highly effective for local search.

PPC is Budget Friendly and let you to choose how much to pay for a click and how much money to spend for an ad or campaign.

Provide Rich Functionality and Reporting with all the tools you need to run your campaigns and analyze your data and results.

PPC data can inform your other marketing channels.

Why Choose Us?

Dedicated Account Manager
Our proficient PPC campaign account managers use multi-dimensional technology to create a highly optimized account structure, error-free execution and generate lower CPCs and higher CPCs for your campaign.
Google Certified Partners
Accredited Google partner with dedicated and seasoned professionals; this allows us to employ secure and innovative methods in getting ahead of the competitors and to deliver overwhelming results.
Detailed Performance Reporting
By Uttering in a precise statement, our foremost concern is the transparency and the contentment of the customer and on the lines of it, we always keep our customers in the loop of information, so that client can envisage the direction of the work.
Complete Transparency
Most determining factor to utilize by search engines to rank the websites for targeted keywords. So we increase the quality and quantity of link building so that your pages can be perceived important by search engines and can rank better.
Landing Page Recommendations
Strategically designed PPC campaign generates more leads and results than a plain campaign. Negotiation on that is just not possible on this aspect. Our well-crafted optimized PPC landing page always comes with 100% gratification.
24/7 Global Support
Have questions? Our support team is available 24/7/365, and our self-support materials are always available.

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